New Product – Purina Stress Tub for Cattle

Purina® Stress Tub is the convenient choice prior to or after stress, including breeding and show animals.    This product is a highly palatable molasses based supplement that entices cattle to taste.  It provides the key nutrients needed for a fully functioning immune system so that cattle are fully prepared to face and/or recover from the stresses of weaning and transportation, respond to vaccination programs, start more quickly on feed or return to their home pen more quickly.  It also provides key nutrients involved in reproductive performance to positively impact fertility, estrus, as well as semen quality and quantity.

For show cattle, one tub will last one calf approximately 5 months if they are raised in individual stalls.  If cattle are raised in groups, Steinhauser’s recommends one tub per 5-10 head.  For calves at weaning, we recommend one tub per 9 calves.

Because it is not a complete feed and is a supplement, the stress tub is a great complement to cattle feed.

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December 2023
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