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Fly Control For Cattle

Pesky horn flies can become prolific in spring. However, early-season planning can help keep fly populations under control all season...

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12 Calving Season Essentials

Start planning early for a seamless calving season. Now’s the time to plan for spring calving and/or fall calving. Make...

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The True Cost of Cheap Minerals

The True Cost of Cheap Minerals: Quality mineral supplements are an investment in the overall performance of your herd. Balance...

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Cattle Condition and Comfort: Your Keys to Fall Calving

Cattle Condition and Comfort: Your Keys to Fall Calving. Spring calving season may be more common, but if you’re a fall...

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Fortify Lifelong Immunity Through Nutrition

Fortify lifelong immunity through nutrition: A key to healthy cattle? Look at what you feed them. Morbidity and mortality in...

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