Steinhauser’s feeds all animals, small and large; livestock or pets.

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cares about your animals. We carry a wide variety of dog and cat pet foods. As a Purina Certified Expert...

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Horse Feeds

Steinhauser's offers a variety of horse feeds including Purina Feeds, Wendlands, Triple Crown, Nutrena, Standlee Hay Company, M-G and our...

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Cattle Feeds

has a large selection of products for all your livestock needs.  We carry Purina Feeds, M-G Feeds, Nutrena Feeds and our...

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Blue Star Feeds

Blue Star is Steinhauser's House Brand of livestock feed. Blue Star Feeds are comparable to Purina feeds, at a great...

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Poultry Feeds

Steinhauser's offers a large selection of poultry feed and supplies for chicks, turkeys, geese, guineas, and ducks. Come visit any...

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Small Animals

Caring for your small animal is vital.  carries a large selection of feeds for small animals, including: • Parrots •...

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Show Feeds

Do you or your child participate in 4H or FFA programs?  Let us know!  carries specialty feeds for all your...

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Exotic Animals

Have an exotic animal?  carries Mazuri Feeds.  Looking for a feed for a special animal species?  Let us know!

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Wildlife Feeds

Steinhauser's offer wildlife feeds and supplies. Find wildlife feeds for Deer, Game Fish, and Game Birds.  See what wildlife feeds...

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Steinhauser's has a quality selection of Purina feeds that are formulated for the nutritional needs of your swine.

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December 2023
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