Texas Made Products

Steinhauser’s carries a large variety of Texas Made Products. We carry many Texas brands like Fredericksburg Farms, Klein Brothers, Cat Spring Candles, Richmon Honey Farm’s, and more! These Texas Products make perfect gifts or a way to treat yourself.

Klein Brother’s Story

The Klein family has been part of Texas and its history for generations. In 1854, German Lutheran immigrant Adam Klein and his wife, Friederika, purchased a farm on the prairie north of Houston near Spring Creek in the area known today as the Klein Community. In 1922, Adam’s grandson and my grandfather, Alec (A.B), left the family farm to found Klein Bros. General Merchandise. With Alec’s (A.B) knowledge of food and farming, Klein Bros. soon became known for selling the finest farm-fresh foods with superior customer service. Alec’s son and my dad, Robert, joined Klein’s in 1956 and built it into one of the state’s premier independent supermarkets. Now in the third generation, I expanded the family business to include the wholesale distribution and internet sales of the Klein Bros. specialty line of products that our customers have enjoyed for years.

We sell many Klein Brother’s products like fresh sliced peaches, trail-mix, apple-butter, Southern Sweet Cream Pancake & Waffle Mix, Salsa, Jams, Yogurt Raisins, a variety of pickles, and more! You can read more about Kleinbrother’s here.

About Cat Spring Candles, LLC

Texas Made ProductsThrough years of testing, Cat Spring Candles, LLC has developed a line of excellent scented candles that have a long burn time and hold their fragrance until the very end. Only the highest quality of ingredients are used, and our home-made process assures our buyers that every candle has the right blend of fragrance oils, dyes, and wax.  Every candle is individually hand-poured.

Only lead-free, cotton wicks are used to reduce smoke and soot, which allows for a cleaner burn. (Please remember to keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4 inch after each burn for best performance!)  A special blend of paraffin and soy promote a very creamy appearance and even burn. This blend incorporates the best qualities of both types of wax so that each scented candle burns smoothly, and the fragrance lasts consistently to the end.  We know that not all oils are the same, and we use only the best. This is another reason why each candle holds its scent throughout its long burn time.  It is this unique blend of colors and scents that make our candles so appealing! In addition, there are no additives in our candles.

Steinhauser’s carries many scents like Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salt Water Taffy, Southern Home, Baby Rum, and more. To read more about Cat Spring Candles, click here.

Fredericksburg Farms

Texas Made ProductsFrom our beginnings here in the Texas Hill Country, as a wholesale nursery specializing in poinsettias and geraniums, we grew our business to include a flourishing all-natural gourmet food line which we developed from our own favorite recipes. Listening to our customers, we created a premium soy blend candle line and expanded that to handmade soaps and lotions. Because our unique scents became so popular, we added air fresheners.

Steinhauser’s carries soaps, lotions, sauces, and more from Fredericksburg Farms! To learn more about Fredericksburg Farms, click here. 


Wooden Swings and Windmills

Last but not least, Steinhauser’s has a wonderful selection of Wooden Swings, Windmills, Tables and chairs, and more! From beautiful finished natural wood colors to deep red, there is something for everyone’s yard. These items would be the perfect way to Spruce up the yard with something new and exciting. The swing chairs could be the perfect gift for the person in your life that likes to sit outside and read or just enjoy the weather and views.




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