Soil Testing & Garden Amendments

soil testingIt’s time for soil testing and amending your garden. Consider a soil test to determine what your garden really needs.  By measuring both the pH level and pinpointing nutrient deficiencies, a soil test can provide the information necessary for maintaining the most optimal fertility each year. Most plants, including grasses, flowers, and vegetables, perform best in slightly acidic soil (6.0 to 6.5).

 The results of soil testing help you chose the right amendments for your beds. The most common amendments are compost, peat moss, coconut fiber, perlite, vermiculite, expanded shale, molasses, sulfur, lava and green sand and of course fertilizer. The best yields will come from the garden with a complete soil.

Some Steinhauer’s stores offer Soil Test Kits and PH Meters that measure the current ph, nitrogen, phosphate, and potash levels.  There are many companies that perform soil testing, here are two that we recommend, Texas A&M and Texas Plants & Soil Lab.  Soil testing should be done about every 5 years.

Steinhauser’s offers select soil amendments and a wide selection of fertilizers.  If we don’t have it what you need, we can get it.  Stop in and talk to our experts about your soil and garden needs.




December 2023
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