Savings on Select Goat & Sheep Minerals

Savings on Select Goat & Sheep MineralsTake advantage of savings on select goat & sheep minerals at Steinhausers April 15-28, 2019. Shop any of Steinhauser’s locations for $1 off savings on the following products:

  • Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi Fat 200lb Purple Tub
  • Wind & Rain Sheep Mineral
  • Purina Goat Chow
  • Purina Goat Grower 16
  • Purina Goat Mineral

Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block is a premium, weather-resistant, protein block with fat, vitamins and minerals added to balance nutrient deficiencies in fair quality forages. Designed specifically for sheep and goats, Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block provides convenience and peace of mind for your entire herd.

Purina® Wind & Rain® Sheep Mineral is designed sheep with our patented and proven Wind & Rain® feed technology that helps reduce clumping and therefore may help reduce product waste in your operation, saving you time and money. Also contains added Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc and Iodine.

Purina® Goat Chow® goat feed is research-proven for the health and vitality of all breeds of goats. This highly palatable 16%-protein textured goat feed supplement contains whole grains and nutritious pellets. Purina® Goat Chow® goat feed is uniquely balanced for optimal body condition and can help build strong kids into healthy goats. Quality, nutritious ingredients make up this wholesome formula fortified with vitamins and minerals for advanced nutrition.

Purina Goat Grower 16  is pelleted complete feed formulated for the optimum growth, development and maintenance of goats. Designed to meet their exacting needs of meat goats or dairy goats. Designed to deliver the nutrition and performance you expect. See the difference it can make in your goats’ overall growth and health.

Purina Goat Mineral is a uniquely formulated supplement rich in nutrients essential to the proper development and well-being of goats of all ages and breeds.




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