Purina Ultium Horse Feed Savings

 Purina Ultium horse feed savingsTake advantage of Purina Ultium horse feed savings at Steinhauser’s Feed Stores.

Save 10% each bag of Purina Ultium, Ultium Growth, and Ultium Gastric care May 7-19, 2018.

Purina® Ultium® Growth Horse Formula – Purina® Ultium® Growth Horse Formula is a super-premium, high-fat, high-fiber horse feed researched and formulated specifically for broodmares and young growing horses. Backed by scientific research spanning over four years monitoring and measuring growth curves, body condition, joint health, activity levels, blood work and more, this unique, industry-leading nutrition supports the development, growth and adaptive physiology necessary to produce a strong, healthy, athletic horse.

Purina® Ultium®Competition Horse Formula – Ultium® Competition Horse Formula is the gold standard in sports nutrition, allowing world-class equine athletes to compete at their highest levels. Energy demands in the equine athlete are extremely high, so the delivery of that energy becomes paramount. This additional digestible energy must be provided in a manner that maximizes athletic performance. Ultium® Competition Horse Formula delivers a concentrated amount of energy to these hard-working horses, by distributing this energy over several different sources (vegetable oils, beet pulp, and a proprietary mix of other sources). Because Ultium® Competition Horse Formula is energy dense, less feed is required for maintenance of body condition when compared to feeds with lower energy density such as straight grains.

Purina® Ultium® Gastric Care Horse Feed – Purina® Ultium® Gastric Care horse formula was developed by Purina’s PhD Equine Nutritionists and Veterinarians to provide consistent support during times of stress. This feed is the culmination of decades of Purina equine nutrition research, and contains specialized ingredients designed to support a healthy gastric environment and immune system.




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