Purina Flocktober 2019

Purina Flocktober 2019Stop by your local Steinhauser’s for our Purina Flocktober 2019 days during the month of October and get a FREE limited-edition coop sign, when you purchase a large bag of Purina Layena feed!  While supplies last.

Are your chicks growing? Once your chicks hit 18 weeks old or lay their first egg, its time to transition to Purina Layena poultry feed to sustain growth and promote egg production! Try our new Organic Chicken Feed; it’s GMO free!

Come see us at one of our 9 locations in Texas for Purina Flocktober 2019 days, poultry feed and everything you need to raise a successful flock today! Follow us on Facebook for giveaways!




December 2023
Check back for upcoming events.