Purina Accuration Range Liquid

Purina Accuration Range LiquidMost cattlemen could give you a list of reasons why they’re in the business… but always included is to make a profit.   To do so, bulls, cows, calves, and pastures must be managed well and kept in great condition.

It is also important to maximize the genetic potential of your herd.  One way to do this is to ensure that each of your cows is bred. In recent years more and more research has been done in the area of sustained nutrition.  Cattle that remain in good condition year round experience higher conception rates, breed back sooner, wean heavier calves and experience fewer health problems.

Purina Accuration Range Liquid along with your forage will do a great job of keeping your herd in good condition.  Accuration Range Liquid is a 32% protein, 10% fat premium liquid product.  Compared to other products, Accuration Range Liquid has a lower moisture content (so you pay for nutrients, not water), better suspension system to keep ingredients from settling out and a higher TDN(Total Digestible Nutrient) value.

So how does it work?  Call us to deliver a feeder or refill an existing feeder.  Your cows greet the guy who brings the feed and start licking the thick, molasses-based feed supplement off the wheels of the feeder.  Daily intake will vary according to the quality and quantity of forage in your pasture as well as the cow’s current nutrient demand (open or bred, lactation stage).    Instead of “treating” your cows to cubes every day or two, you’re providing them with consistent, high-quality nutrition at all times.  You’re also saving yourself the drive to town to pick up feed every few days… although you’re always welcome to come just visit with us instead!

The primary advantages of this system are:
(1) cows get the nutrition needed even as forage quality fluctuates through the winter,
(2) ALL cows can access it, not just the bossy ones who normally hog the cubes,
(3) lower costs of putting out feed compared to hand-feeding cubes.
An important key to remember is that cattle on liquid feed still need roughage in their diet.  You cannot feed them this supplement on a dry lot or pasture with no grass unless you also add hay.  However, in our area, this is typically not a problem.

This is a product intended to save you money and time while keeping your herd in great shape.  Call or come by to discuss any concerns you may have and get started today!




December 2023
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