Sunglo Show Calf Developer

Sunglo Show Calf Developer. 50-lb blue and black feed bag.Sunglo Show Calf Developer is a great option when you’re looking to increase bulk and finish in your show cattle due to it’s high fiber and high energy inclusion. A great choice when jackpotting or as a transition between Sunglo® Calf Grower and Finisher.

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Guaranteed Analysis

South-West Formula:

Protein: 13.00%
Fat: 5.00%
Fiber: 17.00%
Medication: Lasalocid
Form: Textured


Starting Calves on Developer:

  • At the start of the feeding period, fill calves on hay and gradually introduce Sunglo® Show Calf Developer over time the first day, divided into two equal feedings.
  • Increase feed by 1-1.5 lbs. per day, with corresponding decreases in hay until full feed intake is achieved.
  • Once calves are on full feed, Sunglo® Show Calf Developer should be hand fed in equal feedings twice a day.
  • Transition slowly from one ration to another to minimize risk of digestive upsets.

On Full Feed:

  • Feed should be completely consumed before next feeding. Do not allow feed to build up in bunk and get moldy.
  • Remove any feed not consumed and reduce the amount of feed in proportion to the amount left over.
  • Similarly, increase the amount of feed when feed is completely consumed before the next feeding, but limit this increase to one pound or less per feeding.


Feeding Tips:

Slowing Rate of Gain:

If calves are gaining too rapidly, it may be necessary to use one of the following options:

  • Decrease the daily allotment of Sunglo® Show Calf Feed by 2-4 lbs.



Difficult Finishing:

Some large-frame calves may require longer finishing periods or increased energy density in the finishing ration to achieve the desired finish.


Going Off Feed (Burnout):

This feed has been carefully formulated to promote consumption. However, should your calf experience a drop in feed consumption of more than 10% of targeted daily feed intake for more than two days, blend in Sunglo® 2 the Fullest with Cob™ at a rate up to 1/2 of daily intake to enhance appetite. A more dramatic drop in feed consumption may require going back to the beginning and re-initiating your calf to feed. In either case, the return to Sunglo® Show Calf Developer should be done gradually. Should your calf go completely off feed, consult your veterinarian or Sunglo® Show Feed specialist.

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