Sunglo Calf Full Body

Sunglo Calf Full Body show cattle supplement. Green and white feed bag.Sunglo Full Body With Cob is a versatile complete feed with cob for creep, sales prep, pre-conditioning & the show ring.

Sunglo Full Body is the most versatile complete feed in the Sunglo cattle lineup as it can be used as a preconditioning (getting cattle ready to take on a grain-based diet) ration for cattle starting as small as 300 lbs., as a receiving ration when they hit their new home, as part of a holding ration on big cattle, or at any time in the feeding phase as a supplement when extra rib and dimension is desired.

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Sunglo® Full Body™ is formulated to promote the following:

  • Support immune system response with included selenium and Vitamins A & E.
  • Potassium inclusion helps keep cattle hydrated.
  • Promotes a healthy rumen microbial population to support feed intake and digestion.
  • Supports healthy hair coat and sheen due to active mineral and amino acid supplies.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein: 12.00%
  • Fat: 3.00%
  • Fiber: 26.00%
  • Form: Pellet


For sale cattle and after:

  • Feed Sunglo® Full Body™ as the sole ration 30 to 45 days before and 15 days after sale date.
  • After Sunglo® Full Body™, switch to Sunglo® Show Calf Grower or Developer and continue on one of those rations through the growing period. We recommend you then switch to Sunglo® Show Calf Finisher a minimum of 120 days before your final show date.

When receiving calves:

Introduce Sunglo® Full Body™ gradually over a three day period:

Day 1: Feed hay free choice with 5 lb. of Sunglo® Full Body™ per head, divided into two equal feedings.

Day 2: Feed hay free choice with 8 lb. of Sunglo® Full Body™ per head, divided into two equal feedings.

Day 3: Feed Sunglo® Full Body™ feed free choice with free-choice hay. Hay is optional after Day 5.

For everyday or show day fill: 

Feed 1–5 lbs. of Full Body™ mixed with complete feed to achieve your desired fuller look. Also be sure to check out 2 the Fullest with Cob & Full Tank as other options for show day fill.

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