Sunglo 4-Sure

Sunglo 4Sure 3-lb container.Sunglo 4Sure® helps replenish vital nutrients and electrolytes while helping support hydration and muscle shape.

  • For use in times of stress and when extra nutrition and hydration are needed
  • Mixes easily to help mask the strong chlorine taste often found in water at shows
  • Safe for all classes of livestock

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What type of animal does 4Sure® work well on?

Sunglo 4Sure® can work on all classes of livestock exhibiting for show. Many feeders refer to it as a "safe" electrolyte, that they feel they can "push" and use more to enhance and support muscle shape and water intake. If your livestock won't drink, you won't win, period!

How does 4Sure® work differently than other electrolytes on the market?

With its added nutrition, 4Sure® is not your typical sugary electrolyte. 4Sure® can be used in times of stress and holding to help support your animal's nutritional needs. 4Sure® also offers an extended feeding window, allowing you to feed it for longer periods of time to help support your animal's water intake and feed consumption.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 13.00%
Fat 6.00%
Fiber 0.50%
Lysine 1.00%
Form Meal


  • Add 5 ounces to 16 ounces of water and mix thoroughly.
  • Feed as a daily liquid supplement to animals being held and conditioned for show purposes.
  • 4-Sure® supplement can also be top-dressed on feed to encourage feed intake and to provide supplemental nutrition.

How much 4Sure® should I feed or mix into the water to have them drink?

The amount of 4Sure® that you feed, or mix into the water, depends on your animal. For show pigs, sheep, and goats, we recommend feeding 4Sure® the week up to your animal's target show at a rate of 2.5 ounces (one scoop that's included in the container) twice a day. When mixed with water, we recommend 2.5 ounces (one scoop) per 16 ounces of water or more and mixed thoroughly. For show cattle, we recommend 5 ounces of 4Sure® per 16 ounces of water or more and mixed thoroughly.

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