Honor Show Chow Poultry Grower

Honor Show Chow Poultry Grower 50-lbHonor Show Chow Poultry Grower is a nutritionally complete, balanced ration for growing broilers from 23 through 35 days of age and turkeys from 13 through 16 weeks of age. This 24% protein diet is designed to continue the development of chickens and turkeys to their full genetic potential for shows.

Honor Show Chow Poultry Starter can be preceded by Honor® Show Chow® Poultry Prestarter and Poultry Grower, and followed by Honor® Show Chow® Poultry Finisher to prepare birds for show. Honor Show Chow is supported by Purina’s knowledge, experience and research.



Increased Levels of Fat and Energy Provides the energy needed to maintain an increasing body size Improves feed efficiency Medicated (Amprolium) Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis No withdrawal time required

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, % (min)24 Crude Fat, % (min) 7 Crude Fiber, % (max) 3.5 Lysine, % (min) 1.3 Calcium, % (Ca) (min) .85 Calcium, % (Ca) (max) 1.35 Phosphorus, % (P) (min) 0.7 Salt, % (Na Cl) (min) 0.25 Salt, % (Na Cl) (max) 0.75 Methionine 0.4 Active Drug Ingredient Amporolium


Broilers- Poultry Grower 23 through 35 days Turkeys-Poultry Grower 13 through 16 days Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infected feed to animals as it may cause illness, abortion or death.

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