Double Down Deer Feed

Double Down Deer FeedDouble Down® Deer Feed is a custom blend originally created for the Holden Pasture Deer Lease. Double Down® Deer Feed was formulated with the highest quality ingredients, ZERO least cost rations, and ZERO grain by-products.

The work you put into growing big deer does not stop with just a good feed. A strong management plan must be in place to consistently grow big bucks. Feeding year-round, letting your deer age, having water nearby all feed stations, and identifying as many regular bucks as possible year-to-year to help prevent mistakes are all major factors in a successful program.

Remember, being a patient hunter is one of the most important keys to success. Harvesting just one young buck that has progressed above your expectations, could be the difference in growing a giant buck of a lifetime! “Consistency, hard work, and dedication can be extremely rewarding.”

Feeding InstructionsThis product is formulated to be fed free choice in a suitable feeder protected from rainfall. Feed year round for best results and especially during antler development and/ or drought conditions to wildlife in their natural habitat. Consumption rates will vary according to the availability of natural forage and browse. THIS IS NOT A PEN RATION.

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