Double Down® Deer Feed Custom Mineral

Bags of Double Down Deer Feed Custom Mineral. They are yellow and red and green colored.Double Down® Deer Feed set out to provide a custom mineral supplement second to none in the industry with quality ingredients and a product surpassing the needs of today’s whitetail herds.

Minerals play a vital role in the overall health of all wildlife. This includes whitetail deer as well as other game and exotics. A healthy deer population can lead to higher recruitment rates, healthier fawn crops, greater body mass, larger antler growth potential. Subsequently, reduced overall stress of the animal when sufficient nutrients are supplied and consumed as well. Successful Vitamin and Mineral supplementation can be a key factor in year over year progression.

Antlers alone are made up of roughly 20% Calcium and 10% Phosphorus. However, that is not enough to ensure overall health is achieved. Double Down has created a custom mineral supplement. It’s composed of Calcium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Manganese, Biotin, Potassium, Magnesium, and a Superior Vitamin Package. In addition, other proven ingredients in a balanced formulation to maximize and sustain your herds health and progression!

  • Double Down® Deer Feed Custom Minerals contains a Vitamin Package second to none in the industry. It contains increased concentrations of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. These Fat-Soluble Vitamins provide sustainable sources as they are stored in their fat and liver then are utilized when their bodies need it the most!
  • Quality ingredients are key to your herds progression! Mineral Proteinates are highly absorbable and deliver more efficient supplementation to wildlife. The  mineral blend contains key Proteinates that in our opinion stand alone on the market today!
  • A quality Yeast culture was also added to aid in the digestion and distribution of Double Down® Custom Minerals. Firstly, his culture, along with quality Vitamin and Mineral Sources, aids in overall Digestibility and Palatability. Secondly, it aids in a healthy Gut and Rumen.
  • Most importantly, as with all Double Down® Deer Feed products, Double Down® Custom Minerals contains Proprietary Attractants to aid in consumption and ensure your deer get what they need, when they need it the most!

    Feeding Instructions:

    Mix DDCM with corn in your timed feeder at a rate of 8lbs DDCM to 300lbs corn (Lightly sprinkle DDCM into feeder with each bag of corn). Excessive use in corn feeders is NOT recommended and will not deliver efficient results.

    Broadcast DDCM inside of your feeder pen to create a mineral site deer will visit throughout the year. Re-Application will vary by region based on soil type and should be applied as needed to ensure mineral site stays fresh and active year-round.

    Disturb and agitate the surface of the ground where you want to activate a mineral site. Sprinkle DDCM throughout the surface and mix in thoroughly. Re-Application will vary by region based on soil type and should be applied as needed to ensure mineral site stays fresh and active year-round.

    In conclusion, there are unlimited uses for Double Down® Custom Minerals……
    We look forward to seeing your results!!!

    Warning: Excessive use of this product is NOT recommended per each single application, use caution when applying this product to any feed.
    This product contains increased levels of copper not advisable for use with sheep or goats

Now available at Steinhausers!


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