Compressed Himalayan Salt Licks

Compressed Himalayan Salt Animal LicksCompressed Himalayan Rock Salt Licks are made with 100% natural Himalayan Salt that contains 84 minerals and trace elements which are essential for livestock at all life stages. They are a convenient and ideal source of bio-energetic resource for all animals and livestock including horses, cows, sheep, deer, goats, etc.

Animals have a natural affinity for eating salt; therefore, Himalayan Compressed Salt licks provide them with regular salt requirements and other necessary minerals which contribute to their growth. Our Compressed Salt Licks are made using only selected Himalayan Rock Salt that contains a high potency of minerals. This process involves the separation of dark to lighter shades of the Salt Rocks. The lighter shades, almost white, contain fewer minerals and more sodium.

Contrary to popular belief, pressed salt licks are criticized for crumbling or quickly dissolving, but our Salt Licks are pressed using TONS of pressure under customized Pressing Machines. We have tested them outdoors in extreme weather conditions and they held up better than we expected. We have tried them with many types of Animals and only receive good feedback, most of our customers say that the smooth surface is easier on the Animal’s tongue.

Available in 3 convenient sizes: 5.5 lb, 11 lb and 22 lb.


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    December 2023
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