November Gardening Tips

November is a great month for gardening in the Houston area. Change is in the air! There is plenty of sun, less humidity and cooler temperatures. Here in Texas, we can still plant, seed, mulch and enjoy flowers this month. This is also a great time to plant some seeds, flowers, trees and shrubs too.

Seeds: You can sow certain seeds in flats, and transplant later including the following:

• Gerbera—This is a hardy plant with multicolored blooms. They require soil with good drainage, and can be transplanted into full or partial sun. They will bloom from fall to spring.

• Sweet William— This is a beautiful flower, with multicolored blooms. It’s great in rock gardens, and also attracts butterflies. You should transplant into full sun or to partial shade.

Flowers: Add some color to your garden with Sweet Alyssum, Pansises English Daisies & Violas. These two flowers do particularly well when planted this time of year. Once they have bloomed, cut the flowering stalks back so they can focus their energy on their roots during the winter.

• Sweet Alyssum—These beautiful pink, purple and white flowers are great to use as a border, or in containers. They are hardy flowers that do well in almost any soil, and bloom through the end of April. They be planted in full sun, partial sun or light shade.

• Petunias— These multicolored flowers are great in containers, borders or groundcovers. These flowers will bloom until May. Plant them in full sun.

Trees & Shrubs: This is a great time to plant flowering shrubs and fruit trees—try some azaleas and camellias. This is also a good time to move shrubs and trees you wish to relocate. When the weather turns consistently cold, plants are at their most dormant state and will suffer less shock during the move.





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