Steinhauser’s Magnolia Chick Deliveries


Steinhauser's Magnolia Chick DeliveriesCheck out the Spring 2019 delivery schedule for Steinhauser’s Magnolia Chick Deliveries. Find directions to Steinhauser’s Magnolia location here. Check the dates below to see what types of chicks we expect and when they arrive. Note that changes can occur at any time. Please call the store to confirm delivery dates and types before heading over.

March 7
50 Ameraucana Pullets
50 Black Sex Links Pullets
25 Red Chandelier Pullets
25 Assorted Frizzles – Straight Run

March 21
50 Barnvelder Pullets
18 Gold Spangled Hamburg Pullets
50 Ameraucana Pullets

Remember your poultry supplies! Steinhauser’s has chicken starter feeds, layer feeds and feed for all stages of growth. If you purchased your chicks in the spring it’s now time to switch to a layer feed. Purina Layena poultry pellets provide optimum nutrition for healthy birds and nutritious eggs. A 16%-protein, high-calcium ration formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and yeast for top-producing laying hens once they reach 18 weeks of age.

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