Mosquito Halt Repellent Spray for Horses

Mosquito HaltAre mosquitos bothering your horse or ruining your afternoon ride? With all this rain and the threat of the Zika virus in Texas, many people are more aware than ever of mosquitos! Keep your horse mosquito free with sprays like Mosquito Halt from your local Steinhauser’s.

Mosquito Halt offers 2 insecticides and 2 repellents for topical control of mosquitos. This spray offers quick knockdown, kill and repellency. It also controls gnats, face flies, stable flies and house flies and can be used on horses, ponies and foals. Make sure to grab the gallon bottle for quick refills. Stop by your local Steinhauser’s for all your mosquito repellent needs including OFF!, Fly Sprays, fly traps and lawn mosquito control products.




October 2023
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