MLPD-Best Antlermax Product to Use

What’s the best Purina AntlerMax product to use?

One question we often see is, what is the best Purina Antlermax product to use on our deer to maximize their genetic potential? There are a lot of deer products out there that are developed and used for specific reasons, but if you’re feeding free-range deer and you want to maximize your genetic potential as well as the overall health of your herd, you need to go with the Antlermax Deer 20 product.

Antlermax Deer 20 is a research-based product with Antlermax technology, the Antlermax Mineral package, and the Climate Guard ingredient. All of these will help you maximize the genetic potential of your bucks during the spring & summer antler growth period. For more information on Antlermax Deer 20, or setting up your supplemental feeding program, come see us at Steinhauser’s. We have six locations located in the greater Houston area to best serve you.

We’re proud to be your local Purina Dealer. Be sure to contact us or stop in with any questions you may have. We’ll happily find the best supplemental feeding program for you and your deer.





December 2023
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