March Garden Tips

garden tips

March Garden Tips: It’s the start of Spring and Steinhauser’s carries everything you need for Spring gardening. Check out these garden tips below to get started:


Cool season color still — for the first part of the month (Petunias, Alyssum, Dianthus and Snapdragons). While unlikely, we could still have a chance of a freeze through the end of this month so wait to plant summer color until then. We know … it’s hard to wait … but best to let it warm up.

Herbs, Perennials, Shrubs, and Trees can all be planted now as well. Check with us on veggies, either plants or seed – there’s just too many to list. Dress up those color bowls with fresh spring color. Pull out the dead and ragged, add something fresh and vibrant! You’ll feel better and you deserve it! Good early spring choices include alyssum, snapdragons, parsley and many others.


The whole yard if you did not do so last month Gardenville 7-2-2 Soil Food.

Bloodmeal on those pansies keeps them happy and blooming. Use Superthrive on newly planted plants for a good start and even on houseplants and your potted plants that go back outside to rejuvenate them.


Now you can trim a lot of those perennials back to shape and control their size. Other groundcovers such as Asian Jasmine, Euyonomous coloratus, Vinca, and even Frogfruit responds well to a sheering and trimming back to let fresh new growth emerge.


Only when absolutely necessary! We usually get ample rain during the spring and do not need to run our irrigation systems. Please follow your city’s water restrictions.


Watch for slugs on the ground, fire ant mounds, aphids on new growth, and canker worms in your trees. We can certainly help with control, once you have identified the pest.

Briefly … Sluggo sprinkled under the plants controls slugs. A strong blast of water can control Aphids, or use the spray Bon-Neem. Control those nasty fire ants with a one-two punch by drenching individual mounds with the Nature’s Guide product Mound Drench then applying the bait Come And Get It. Also applying Dry Molasses to your lawn and beds helps with control — fire ants seem to hate it. Caterpillars can be controlled with Bacillis Thurengensis mixed with water and sprayed on the foliage that the worms are eating. As always identify the pests first … pick up the Texas Bug Book to help with their identification … most bugs are good!

Other :

Consider updating your sprinkler system, install Drip Irrigation around the foundation of your house and planting beds. Most systems can easily be retrofitted by licensed irrigators. Sure, there are some upfront costs involved, but the savings in the long run are endless! Your water bill and your landscape will both thank you!

In conclusion, visit Steinhauser’s for all your garden needs!




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