Manage Mosquitoes In Your Garden & Yard

Manage MosquitoesIt’s time to manage mosquitoes in your garden and yard. Are mosquitoes causing you grief this time of year? You have worked hard for a beautiful yard and garden, but the infestation of mosquitoes just doesn’t allow you to enjoy your haven. Make sure you don’t leave standing water anywhere in your yard as mosquitoes are prone to live where moisture is. You can use candles and repellant spray, but you may need some additional help to kill and remove mosquitoes from your garden and yard.

At Steinhausers, we carry several products to help you get the job done quickly so you can enjoy having friends and family over to enjoy your backyard.

  • Black Flag has created an insect fogger to take care of all the pests lurking around your flower beds and garden. You can used the no-mix Fogging Insecticide to quickly remove insects.
  • We also carry Bonide’s Mosquito Beater in both a fog and All-Natural granules to spread around the premises.
  • A Mosquito Dunk looks like a small, beige donut which floats on standing water. As the Dunk slowly dissolves, it releases a bacterium which is toxic to all species of mosquito larvae.




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