Kyle’s Korner October Gardening

fall plantsOctober is a great month for gardening and landscaping. Many plants can be set out now, and this is the perfect time for replacing plants lost due to the summer drought.

1. Clean out your garden and flower beds, removing any dead plants.

2. Plant trees,shrubs,rose bushes and perennial snow.This will ensure better survival for next spring.

3. Add some fall color with pansies,dianthus,snapdragons,alyssum, ornamental kale and cabbage, dusty miller.

4. Plant fall vegetables and herbs, like broccoli,cauliflower,Brussels sprouts,lettuce,cabbage, peas, dill, cilantro, parsley, Swiss chard, mustard greens.

5. Divide and replant perennials while they are dormant or slow growing.

6. Add a layer of mulch around all plants,trees and shrubs.This will help protect the roots and prevent weed growth.

7. Continue mowing and watering your lawn until growth stops.

8. Add to your compost pile, or create one. Leaves are already falling, add them too.

9. If your lawn is losing color,try over seeding with annual rye grass when temperatures are in the low 70s.

10. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn to control winter weeds. 11. Trim shrubs and hedges to maintain their shape.

12. Check the progress of your vegetable garden. Make note of which plants will be best for next season.

13. Leaf maintenance season is upon us. Roofs and gutters will need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks.

14. Put out nectar feeders or plants for migrating hummingbirds and butterflies.

15. Add some decorations to your garden – pumpkins or other fall season motif.




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