Kyle’s Korner – June Garden Tips

Make Your Garden Shine

Caring for your garden during the summer, will take a little extra effort. The heat, humidity, fierce winds & rainstorms can wreak havoc on your garden. Below are tips for keeping your garden looking good.

  • Watering is the most important thing for your garden. It is best to water two to three times a week, early in the morning. This will promote deeper root growth and discourage germinating of weeds.
  • Don’t leave your plants unattended. Everything will naturally grow bigger, this time of year. Don’t let it get out of control. You may need to add support stakes to prevent sagging.
  • Weeding is essential to keeping your garden healthy.
  • Insects pose a threat to your garden. It’s important that you keep them under control using some type of garden insect killer, such as Sevin.
  • Mulch is extremely important part of keeping your garden healthy. Mulch provides a protective barrier between the sun and the sensitive root system of your plants. It also absorbs and prevents moisture from evaporating, thus providing more water for you plants. Organic mulches can also provide nutrients to the surrounding plant life.

Your garden will require a great deal of work during the hot summer months to come, but if you follow these simple tips you’ll be able to sit back in enjoy the fruits of your labors.


Don’t Forget About Your Pond.

Pond maintenance is essential to keeping your pond healthy and beautiful. The following tips will help you keep the pond healthy for your fish and plants as well as beautiful for you.

  • Keeping the water clean is the most important aspect. Use a filtration system that will remove debris that attracts algae. You can also include filtering plants, which naturally clean water as they grow.
  • Create shade over the pond. Keeping your pond 60% shaded will provide protection for your fish, as well as maintain against algae blooms.
  • Change out the pond water monthly. When you do this, be sure to scrub the walls of the pond, rocks, tiles & other items with hot water & an algae scrub.




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