Kyle’s Korner: February Gardening Tips


February is a time for new beginnings! There is much to be done to prepare for Spring. Now is the time to fertilize, prune, plant and take care of other gardening chores. Some flowers and bulbs are ready to plant, and many will even begin to bloom. Below are some gardening tips for February.


There are lots of different seeds that can be sown either in flats or in the ground itself. Try these tips for planting the seeds below in either manner.

Snapdragons: These are the perfect choice for a mixed borders with pink, yellow, purple, white and red. Plant in full to partial sun.

Larkspur: These plants will draw butterflies to your garden, and are disease resistant. They will bloom in purple, blue, white, lilac and pink. Plant in full sun.

Sweet Alyssum: Plant in full to partial shade. It will bloom in the fall through the following spring. This annual is hardy and usually survives the winter.

Bulbs: This is a great time to plant bulbs, like Calla Lilies, Dahlia & Dwarf Iris.


  • Prune: Prune your fruit trees, and remove any dead wood. Give roses their annual pruning and plant any bear root roses you have.
  • Fertilize: Fertilize all trees and shrubs, except Azaleas.
  • Lawn: Treat your St. Augustine grass with fungicide. You should treat and water discolored spots first.
  • Soil: Get your lawn and garden soil tested for its pH level. Sols that are too acidic stunt plant growth and result in unproductive gardens. Liming lawns and gardens now based on soil test results allows time for the lime to react and raise the pH before the growing season.
  • Compost: Piles should be turned at least once a month. It should not be too dry or too wet. Add water if dry; add more coarse, dry matter if too wet.

Come to any Steinhauser’s location and we will help you get what you need to prepare your garden for spring. From gardening supplies to flowers, veggies and seeds, we’ve got what you need.




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