Kyle’s Korner – April Gardening Tips

Spring Fever is on the rise…The weather is warming, evening sunlight coaxes us outdoors, trees and spring bulbs are beginning to bloom.  Your lawn and garden begin to wake up, and the mad rush of planting, pruning and plowing begins.

Spring Tips:

  • This is a great time to prune your shrubs, except those that bloom in the spring.
  • Inspect your garden for any needed repairs.
  • Get your yard in shape.  Remove debris from ditches, gutters and plant beds.
  • Clear unwanted brush and undergrowth out.
  • Cut back dead foliage on last year’s perennials or ornamental grasses before new growth starts.
  • Turn your compost pile to keep it decomposing, or start composting now.
  • Be proactive, Get rid of weeds as they sprout, and take measures to protect your garden from pests.
  • Feed your soil.  Amend your lawn and garden by “top-dressing” with a couple inches of compost, or your favorite potting mix.
  • Add 2-4″ of mulch.  This will help protect early bulbs from a freeze.  Consider adding an organic weed preventative under your mulch.  This will save you work later.
  • Clean up your gardening tools, empty flower pots and dispose of unused or broken items.
  • Clean out and repair birdhouses and restock bird seed, or other small animal feeders.
  • Clean water features and lawn ornaments.
  • Start seeds indoors. You can transplant them in the garden later. Re-pot house plants if needed, and prune any dead foliage.
  • Add trellises, stakes, and supportive structures to top-heavy plants.
  • After the last frost, add aquatic plants to your pond or fountain.
  • Start feeding your pond fish when the water temperatures are above 50 degrees F.
  • Check irrigation systems once freezing weather has passed.
  • Postpone garden work if the soil is soggy.
  • Visit a garden center to get more ideas!

Spring Clean Up…

Spring cleaning should include the outside of your home too.  This is a great time to spruce up your home’s exterior.  Pressure washing is an easy way to remove any built up dirt, grime, mold, and mildew.

Don’t forget about your BBQ grill.  You should degrease the cooking grate, check gas burners, and clean the grease can too!




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