Keep the Bird Seed Out!

Winter is the best time to keep bird seed out for our feather-friends. During the cold weather, food becomes scares & often times providing food helps energy them to build fat reserves for frigid winter nights. Feeding the birds in winter can also be a rewarding way to enjoy bird watching in your own backyard when the weather outside is less than ideal. Offering the best winter bird feeds you will find a greater variety of birds visiting your feeders.

Help your feathered friends out this winter by stopping by Steinhauser’s and stocking up this winter season with our select brands of high-quality bird feed!

Here are just a few of the bird feeds Steinhauser’s offers:

  • Purina – birdluvers blend, black oil sunflower seeds, wild bird blend & dove & quail.
  • Wild Delight – wild bird, black oil sunflower seeds & grey striped sunflower seeds.
  • Thomas Moore – wild bird, songbird & black oil sunflower seeds.





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