It’s Time To Fertilize

steinhausergardenphotoendcapIt’s time to fertilize! Make sure to pick the proper fertilizer for the lawn. The most important component of the fertilizer is nitrogen (the first number in fertilizer). We all need to apply nitrogen a couple of times a year. Nitrogen is used for plant growth and it can also evaporate and be washed off. Phosphate and potash (second and third numbers) can be anywhere from too much to non-existent.

After fertilizer is applied, be sure and apply a measured amount of water. Not enough water can cause burning (mainly from salt) and too much will cause run off. Fertilizer run off has been linked to algae blooms in lakes and ponds. If you use the correct amount of fertilizer less water will be needed to get your lawn in tip top shape.

For an organic fertilizer we suggest the Medina Organic Fertilizer 4-2-3 which is derived from kelp meal, humate, pasteurized poultry manure, molasses and greensand. It comes is 5 lb. and 40 lb. bags and may be used on turf and in the garden.

If you are looking for a synthetic fertilizer we suggest Green Diamond Supreme 21-7-14. This is a Slow Release Sulphur Coated fertilizer which covers approx. 8400 sq. ft. of turf. It has most of the micronutrients needed.

If your lawn or garden soil is need of a particular item, chances are have it. Stop in and ask one of our garden experts, they can help you out.





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