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Horse CareSteinhauser’s now carries Finish Line’s EZ-Willow Liniment and Poultice for soreness, lameness and swelling in muscles, joints and legs. Currently restocked is the popular Progressive Topline Advanced Support supplement. This supplements is created specifically to improve weight in withers, back and hips. This supplement also increases stamina in horses of all ages. 

Finish Line’s EZ-Willow Liniment and Poultice is a blend of essential oils and botanicals in a cooling gel base that can be used for any minor soreness, lameness, or swelling due to overexertion. This liniment may be used over any muscles including the back and shoulders and used on legs, over joints, tendons, ligaments and on coronary bands. The Poultice is easy to apply and remove, it is cost effective and is an aid in the temporary relief of minor stiffness and soreness due to over exertion in horses’ legs and feet.

Progressive Topline Advanced Support supplement offers weight improvement and top line problems like hollow areas by the withers, visible backbone, saddle fit issues and a decrease in performance and stamina. This supplement offers quick improvements with or without exercise. Come in today to get your horse looking and feeling healthy.

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December 2023
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