High Octane Show Supplements

show pig in the ringFind High Octane Show Supplements at Steinhauser’s!

Steinhauser’s offers a variety of Purina High Octane Show Supplements and feeds that contain the highest-quality ingredients. HIGH OCTANE® supplements are specifically designed for livestock show animals. These supplements are part of the HONOR® Show Chow® lineup of livestock show products.

About the products:

Power Fuel Product Code 16636 – 30 lb. bucket High Octane Power Fuel Topdress is an extruded high fat nugget that is very useful for helping to promote body condition and growth performance. High Octane Power Fuel Topdress contains 31% crude fat and provides a high level of energy.

Champion Drive™ Product Code 15930 – 30 lb. bucket High Octane Champion Drive™ is a pelleted, high protein moderate energy topdress that conditions skin and hair, and helps to promote muscle tone and shape. It is particularly useful in helping to add definition and shape to the animal’s top.

Fitter 35 Product code 41763 – 30 lb. bucket High Octane Fitter 35 is a pelleted high protein, low energy supplement for helping to improve muscling, and helping to trim body fat. High Octane Fitter 35 can be used as a topdress for swine, sheep, goats, and cattle. It can also be fed as a complete feed for swine when managing weight gain and trimming fat.

Depth Charge Product Code 46180 – 25 lb. bag High Octane Depth Charge is a fill creation product that expands rapidly after ingestion. It is useful for helping to create fill and help promote rib shape. It is also useful in lambs and goats when they are limit fed.

Heavy Weight Product Code 3000374-112 – 20 lb. bucket High Octane Heavy Weight is a dry, high fat (70%), water miscible product that contains coconut oil for helping to promote feed intake, fat cover, and growth rate. Ruminants can be sensitive to dietary changes. When beginning High Octane Heavy Weight, start slow at 2 oz per day and increase slowly at 2 oz every 3 to 5 days.

Paylean Premix Product Code 28774 – 15 lb. bucket. The High Octane Paylean Premix is a pelleted premix designed to feed to showpigs. The High Octane Paylean Premix contains select fishmeal and dried eggs as the carrier. It is also completely fortified with minerals and vitamins, including extra biotin to help protect pads, and Zinpro® zinc methionine to help protect hooves.

Powerfill Product Code 3001592-106 – 50 lb. bag High Octane Powerfill is a high-protein and high-energy supplement. Comesa in a meal form that can be fed as part or as the sole daily diet for show pigs. High Octane Powerfill supplement is formulated to help promote body condition while managing weight gain and maintaining muscle.

Ultra Full™ Product Code 3003364-206 – 50 lb. bag High Octane Ultra Full™ is a high-fiber supplement. It is formulated with a proprietary ingredient blend in a 1/8” pellet to enhance palatability and feed intake. Through its controlled, progressive expansion design it helps promote fill targeting the lower body and flank areas.





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