Grooming Center at Steinhauser’s Hempstead Store

A Pet Grooming Center is at Steinhauser’s Hempstead location.

Below are are list of services available for your furry friends:

Basic Bath:

Our Bath & Brush Special includes ear cleaning, ear plucking (if needed), sanitary areas shaved, pads shaved (if needed), massaging bath with shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brush out, and coat conditioner. $25-$45

Custom Groom:

Includes everything in the Basic Bath Package, plus you get a customized haircut for your pet. $35-$85

De-Shedding Treatment:

De-Shedding includes a special shampoo and conditioner at bath time.  They are formulated with coconut milk, aloe, jojoba and wheat germ oils to promote healthy skin and coat.  Vitamins A & E fortify and strengthen the hair shaft to help control and reduce shedding.  This will leave your dog’s coat soft and tangle free with a refreshing scent.  Your dog will also enjoy extra brushing time with special tools to help remove stubborn, shedding undercoat.  Maintained every 6 weeks,  you’ll see your dog’s shedding dramatically reduced. $15

Flea Bath:

Flea treatment includes a pill to kill all fleas on your pet and protect it for the next 24 hours, a bath in tea tree shampoo and conditioner to soothe the itches. $10


De-matting is available on a conditional basis.  A groomer can examine your pet to see if de-matting is a humane option, If not, the only option is to shave the pet.  $8 per 15 min.

Special Handling:

Some pets require extra effort to groom.  Dogs that are difficult to control due to fear or aggression, or dogs with disabilities or that cannot stand on their own are some examples.  This fee may be applied to those dogs.  $10





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