Fall Flock Talks – RSVP Now

Fall Flock Talks“Waddle on in” for one of Steinhauser’s Free Fall Flock Talks. These hour-long talks start at 6:30 pm.  Topics include how to start your flock in the fall and how to winterize your coops for our current flock owners. Flock Talks are scheduled for the Magnolia, Hempstead, Richmond, Alvin, and Sealy stores. RSVP below to reserve your spot!

Take advantage of store specials during the Fall Flock Talks. New fall Flock Signs will be available for participants! Want your flock sign earlier? Stop by our stores in mid-September, signs are free with the purchase of a 35lb bag or larger of Purina Layena feeds.

Are your chicks growing? Once your chicks hit 18 weeks old or lay their first egg, its time to transition to Purina Layena poultry feed to sustain growth and promote egg production! Try our new Organic Chicken Feed; it’s GMO free!

Sign up below for your stores flock talk!

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December 2023
Check back for upcoming events.