Magnolia Spring Chick Deliveries 2022

Magnolia Spring Chick Deliveries 2022: Below is our chick delivery schedule for Spring 2022. All are pullets unless noted. Dates are estimates of store availability. Please note we cannot guarantee delivery as dates and qualities from our poultry vendor may vary from what we ordered. Always call the store to confirm before heading over.

Address, contact information, and business hours for the Magnolia Location can be found here.

Arrival DateTypes
Thursday, 5/12/202240 Easter Egger Pullets
25 Dominique Pullets
30 HC Frizzle Cochin Bantam SR
20 HC Goose ST Runs
Thursday, 5/19/2230 Black Star Pullets
30 HC Silkie Bantam SR
15 Mallard Duck SR
20 Narragansett Turkey St Runs
Thursday, 5/26/202230 Naked Neck Pullets
30 Dark Brahma Pullets
30 Golden Laced Cochin Pullets
30 Cuckoo Marans Pullets
Thursday, 6/2/202230 Barnevelder Females
40 Gold Wyandotte Females
30 White Crested Blue Pol ST Runs
Thursday, 6/9/202230 Brown Breasted
30 Easter Eggers
30 Brown Leghorn Females
30 Rhode Island Red Females
20 Mallards
30 Dominiques
Thursday, 6/16/202230 Black Star Females
30 Black Australorp Females
30 Welsummer Females
15 Mallard Duck ST Runs
Thursday, 6/23/202230 Easter Egger Females
15 Blue Cochin Females
30 Red Crested Red Polish St Runs
20 HC Silkie Bantam SR
Thursday, 8/4/2230 Barnevelder Pullets
40 Gold Wyandotte Pullets
30 White Crested Blue Pol St Runs


Feb 17 2022 - Mar 24 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm