E3 Equine Education Event: Nutrition Needs of Performance Horses

Nov ’20
1:00 pm
Nutrition Needs of Performance Horses | Facebook Live Tune in to our Facebook Live Event and learn about the Nutrition Needs of Performance Horses. Listen, ask questions, and find out how you can qualify for a $10 off coupon and set up a feeding trial.
Equine Specialist Scott Campbell with Purina Animal Nutrition will discuss Equine Nutrition Needs of a Performance Horse; Purina Equine Supplements.
Watch this live video on our Facebook page. Learn about Purina horse products like Amplify, Purina Outlast, Superport, Enrich Plus and Purina Horse treats. Find out how to set up a Purina Feeding Trial for your horses.  Facebook Live attendees can nab a $10 off coupon by texting PURINA to #95323.
Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, November 4th at 1:00 pm! We’ll see you there!





June 2023
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