Chick Starter Kits Available

chick starter kitsGet your baby chicks off to a great start with Chick Starter Kits! Steinhauser’s carries everything you need to raise a healthy flock this spring.

Chick Start Kits include:

  • Starter Feed (3 feeds to choose from)
  • Plastic Waterer, base & top
  • 8-Hole Feeder
  • Pine Shavings
  • Container Box

Stop by your local Steinhauser’s during our chick days for chicks, pullets, bedding, heat lamps, chicken coops, poultry feed and everything you need to take care of your flock this year. We even carry Purina organic chicken feed. Stop by to speak with our team about any questions you may have raising chicks. RSVP for our Chicken Workshops in Alvin and Rosenberg to learn more about raising chickens.




October 2023
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