Cactus Ropes

U3AtBCaB-J-3oNG3BBgLKU2snX3IJRjrOT2GaKALZZ0Cactus Ropes offer a professional line of quality ropes. Cactus Ropes has spearheaded the rope-making industry for more than 20 years, creating specialized products for ropers of all kinds. Whether you are a calf roper, heeler, header, novice or seasoned professional, Cactus makes a rope that’s perfect for what you need.

Today’s ropers have a wide variety of options available from Cactus Ropes that are tailored to their specific needs. Many of the world’s best ropers use and actively endorse Cactus Ropes, including Stran Smith, Matt Sherwood, Trevor Brazile, Chad Masters, Stran Smith, Clay O’Brien Cooper, Jake Long, Nick Sartain and Riley Minor.

If you have any questions, Steihauser’s would like to help. Come by or call us at (979)885-2967.





June 2023
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