Attract Beautiful Birds this Spring

Attract Beautiful Birds this SpringAttract Beautiful Birds this Spring: Need seed for the variety of birds on your property? Steinhauser’s carries a large selection of bird seed from Thomas Moore. This high-quality bird seed includes blends like: Texas Wild bird, Finch Blend, Black Oil Sunflower seed, Backyard Blend, Parrot Supreme Bird, Songbird Mix, Cockatiel Mix and much more! Keep the birds coming to your backyard this Spring will a bag of birdseed from your local Steinhauser’s.

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Here are proven tips and techniques to help you start feeding wild birds found around your home:

Most birdfeeders are designed to attract a wide variety of wild bird species. Some have features which appeal to certain species such as Goldfinches and woodpeckers. An excellent feeder design to start with is a “hopper” feeder with wide ledges which presents black-oil sunflower seeds for big and small birds already living around your backyard. This approach ensures that you will attract beautiful wild birds quickly by using the seeds they prefer.

Feeding Wild Birds tips:

Place your feeder so you can view it from a favorite room or chair. For example, think of a picture window, deck railing, patio, comfortable armchair or breakfast table. Some feeders are designed to attach to your window pane.

Your birds also need to enjoy where your feeder is placed. Make sure it’s near plant or tree cover for protection from the weather and safety, yet easily found too.

Take an old, white t-shirt or towel and place it on the ground beneath your feeder (whether mounted on a pole or hanging from a hook or branch). Take a handful of black-oil sunflower seeds and sprinkle them on your “target”. Birds follow other birds’ feeding patterns so when the first bird finds these seeds, you and your feeder are in business!

Re-fill your feeder as often as necessary to Attract Beautiful Birds this Spring to enjoy your feeder every day too.

In conclusion, get ready for your family to enjoy lots of natural fun!

Source: National Bird-Feeding Society




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