April Gardening Tips

April Gardening TipsApril Gardening Tips

PLANT… Annual Color now! Be patient and wait until the soil is warmer to plant Caladiums, Impatiens … etc … later into April.  Periwinkles and the large flowering Zinnias can be planted in late April or May.  Of course you can plant trees, specimen hollies, all shrubs, roses, vines, and ground covers now.

FERTILIZE… with APF 13-13-13 if you did not do so in February or March. If you procrastinated, it’s ok … it’s organic! Foliar feed your plants as they begin to grow with Nature’s Guide Liquid Fish. Apply Colorscapes when planting your annuals, perennials, and planting your color bowls. Re-apply every 4-6 weeks to keep your plants green and blooming. It’s that easy. Don’t forget to use your Over N’ Out on anything newly planted or neglected and stressed! PRUNE… to maintain form only.

WATER… keep sprinklers OFF of their ‘automatic’ setting. Run manually if we have a dry period (a couple of weeks without rain) to supplement between the spring rains. Check and hand-water newly planted plants if needed, every couple of days for the first two weeks to insure they get settled in.  Please, be active and monitor your watering needs, and follow your city’s watering restrictions.

PESTS… Control Slugs (those slimy little critters) with Grub Control. Be on the watch for Scale on plants – especially Crape Myrtles. Use All Seasons Oil to control. We have Medina Plus that can be used to prevent a wide variety of fungal diseases.




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