5 Popular Dog Breeds for Big Families

Having a big family means lots of action within the household. There are always people coming and going as well as loud noises and objects falling. While some of the objects, such as food, can be delightful to a dog, others like heavy, clanging objects, can be disturbing.
Here is a list of five popular breeds — four sporting dogs and one hound — that often love the action of large families:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • Irish Setter
  • Springer Spaniel
  • Beagle


Sporting Dogs Love Sports

Most children are often very active, and sporting breeds tend to thrive in this situation. Even better, they have a tendency to be natural retrievers, and can delight children for hours with games of fetch. These breeds also love the water and will join in on water games such as running through sprinklers, splashing through wading pools and swimming in a river or lake.

Beagles are not actually listed in the American Kennel Club registry as a Sporting breed; they are a Hound breed, but they also tend to thrive in a large family as they get lots of attention and adore being with people. For families who live in cramped quarters, a smaller dog, such as a Beagle, might be easier to have around.

Attention-loving Dogs

Retrievers, Setters and Beagles can never seem to get enough attention. This is perfect for a large family as there is always someone around to scratch their backs and bellies, or sleep next to. These breeds tend to be patient and forgiving with young children, while also enjoying the high activity of teens and adults.

Mix ‘Em Up

Sporting dog mixes such as Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Lab/Shepherd mixes and even Lab/Rottweiler mixes are great with large families, too. With these mixes, you should have a dog who is great with all family members.

Easy Going

Another great facet with these breeds and breed mixes is they’re intelligent and eager to please. This makes training them quick and easy, though the training methods should always be positive as they can be sensitive to harsh treatment.
Most dogs thoroughly enjoy attention and activity, but not all dogs can thrive in the fast paced environment of a large family. Research for yourself what breed will be best for your large family!




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