Progressive Nutrition Envision Classic Fortified Fat Supplement 20LB

Envision ClassicEnvision Classic Fortified Fat Supplement 20LB is an extruded (fully cooked) mini-nugget that contains a blend of high-quality vegetable oil sources. Fortified with amino acids, minerals and vitamins necessary. Envision Classic is a blend of vegetable oils, including flax, for enhanced hair-coat condition. Added amino acids, minerals, and vitamins for optimal performance with Vitamin E and chelated trace minerals. formulated with low starch and an aroma and taste horses like.



  • Concentrate source of fat reduces the amount of grain needed.
  • Added minerals and vitamins for muscle and body function.
  • Extruded (fully cooked) for maximum digestibility.
  • Small mini-nugget blends easily into the grain mix for consistent intake.
  • High in fat and low in starch for horses with EPSM/PSSM.
  • Balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio for joint and bone health.
  • Lowers the amount of grain needed in the diet.
  • Contains flaxseed for balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

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