Alvin Store 2019 Spring Chick Deliveries


Alvin Store 2019 Spring Chick Deliveries


Check out Steinhauser’s Alvin Store 2019 Spring chick delivery schedule. Find directions to Steinhauser’s Alvin location here.

Check the dates below to see what types of chicks we expect and when they arrive. Note that changes can occur at any time. Please call the store to confirm delivery dates and types before heading over.

Remember to start your flock off right! Shop Steinhauser’s for brooder supplies, heat lamps, waterers, feeders, and chicken starter. Ask any of our staff, they’ll be happy to help you out. We offer a variety of Chicken feeds, including Nutrena, Purina, and our own Blue Star brand.

Arrival DateTypes
June 4, 2019Partridge Cochin, Golden Comet, Red Sex Link, Buckeye\
Delaware, Barred Rock,
Silver Phoenix, Buff Rock, Barred Cochin ,
Easter Egger\
Production, Silver Wyandotte Chickens.
June 6, 2019 Bourbon Red and Narragansett Turkey's